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FNAF Sister Location has been released for Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Scott Cawthon has this to say;
    "I will be closely watching comments and reviews over this next week to address any problems or glitches that people might encounter. I have played through the entire game on my Android phone, including both endings, and several of the custom night challenges on V Hard mode. (but not G. Freddy)"
Basically, Scott will be looking at reviews to fix bug fixes before releasing FNAFSL for iOS devices in the coming weeks.

Click Here to get the game!


The "Gold Freddy Update" is now live. We will not be describing it at all due to spoilers, but it IS cannon... and reveals a lot of the lore.

Click here to see Scott's post about the new update!


FNAFSL's Custom Night update just got an... update?!

Custom Night V2.0 is now out, and includes Golden Freddy Mode, which was previously locked. To get this, just update your game!

Look at Scott Cawthon's post on the Sister Location Steam page by clicking here!

In the Steam post above by Scott, he explains that he has "personally only beaten this mode on Easy, Normal, and Hard (which was no small task). However, I haven't even made it to 2 am on Very Hard, and only made it past 1 am a couple of times." -Scott Cawthon

Golden Freddy Mode Unlocked!


The custom night update of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location has now been released! You can unlock the custom night options by beating Ennard (private room) and getting all 3 stars.

This update comes with a lot of new features and some new characters.


This update includes the new characters: Yenndo, Bonnet, Electrobab, Lolbit, and Minireena 2. />

Spoiler Warning!

Are You Ready For Round Two? NEW TEASER!

The second teaser, along with the release date, has been uploaded to Scott Games. It features Funtime Freddy with the text "Are you ready for Round Two?" The release date is in the top left corner of the image; December 1st.

Check out the teaser for yourself by clicking here!

Click here for the live link of "project.JPG"!

FNAF2 Anniversary

Happy birthday FNAF2!

New FNAF Funko Figures COMING SOON!

Funko has released a "Coming Soon" page for some new Five Nights at Freddy's products.

Click here to see the new products.

This page includes;
Articulated figures of Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Foxy,  Funtime Foxy, and Jack-O-Chica.
Glow in the dark Mystery Minis of the original FNAF minis.

Every articulated figure, except the GameStop exclusive Jack-O-Chica, comes with a part of Nightmarionne so you can build your own if you collect them all. NM Freddy and Bonnie come with an arm, NM Foxy and Funtime Foxy come with a leg, and NM Chica comes with the torso + head. (The torso and the head are one piece.) Also, Jack-O-Chica comes with the Jack-O-Cupcake, AKA the Halloween counterpart of the Nightmare Cupcake.


Custom Nights are now coming soon!

A new teaser has been released on Scott Games that shows Funtime Freddy's Bonnie Puppet and a Bidybab crawling through a ventilation system while smiling at the camera. There is also the text;
"Custom Night"
"(Coming Soon)"
This basically means we will be able to change how difficult certain animatronic's AIs are, kind of like in the 1st-4th game.

Also, in the bottom right corner, it says "FREE update. NOT paid DLC". That means we can get the update for free once it comes out!

Click here to check out Scott Games!
Click here to view the live project.JPG page.


Not only is Sister Location out, but there is a sale! You now save 15% on it. It was originally $7.99 but now it's $6.79.

Go buy FNAFSL by clicking here!

We will not be putting ANY spoilers to the game on this site unless it is important.


Everything Scott said the other day, how FNAFSL isn't child friendly and will be released in chapters, was all a prank. Scott Cawthon has secretly edited his Steam post from yesterday saying the game won't be delayed.

"EDIT: (As most of you have figured out, the game's not delayed, see you Friday) ;)" -Scott Cawthon

Click here to go see the post yourself!

Scott is such a troll. Good ol' Scott. The game will be released on Friday. (At the time of this post is tomorrow.)

Extra News!
Steam user _CatInTheHatBestAnime asked Scott this: "Think of the most ridiculous "spoiler" you can think of"
Scott, jokingly of course, responded with: "Sparky did the bite of 87."
View Post

Scott said this on Pickaxegaming's Steam post: "It's an awesome tune but it's just stock music. The actual game's music is original and was composed specifically for Sister Location." This confirms that FNAFSL will have an OST (Original Soundt…


BREAKING NEWS! Well not very important, but pretty newsworthy! FNAFSL has been released! Just kidding. But a troll game has been put onto Game Jolt. It is simply a copy of "Sit 'N Survive", an older game of Scott's, but with a Freddy head on it. This brings back memories, back when the FNAF3 troll game was released. It was "There Is No Pause Button" but with a Freddy head on it aswell. 
The description for the game is as follows: "This is the MA edition of Sister Location. I personally deemed this game unfit for Steam at this time. This title is not for children. I repeat, this is not for children. Anyone who was following the progress of Sister Location and have a sincere interest in the FNaF franchise in general should wait for the official release of Sister Location in approximately two months. Thank you. -Scott"
Click here to go get the troll game!

Scott Cawthon has also confirmed in a Steam post put out today that the official FNAFSL will indee…


Two stories are going to be in this post today, just because the second story isn't too big.

First story is that Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location (FNAFSL) may be delayed. Scott made a post earlier today saying exactly what I just said, the game is being delayed (possibly, but most likely). He says he needs to make the game more "child friendly".

Here's some theories:
1. The game is actually going to be child friendly.
2. There's going to be a childish troll game.
3. He's completely lying.

This is most likely a joke due to the FNAF franchise never being child friendly.

Here's Scott Cawthon's post on Steam:
"Hey guys, I wanted to post an announcement that this game might be postponed, and I'm not really sure when it would be released. 

There are certain plot elements that are very dark, to the point where I sometimes feel sick. There would be no easy fix to this. I either release it Friday as it is, or I delay it by several months to c…


WARNING: If you do not want FNAFSL to be spoiled for you, please don't read this.

Reddit user /u/jdal2700 discovered full descriptions of many voices found on, the place where the voice actors for FNAFSL record for the game.

Read /u/jdal2700's Reddit Post Here!

Here's the list of characters he found and their descriptions:

"Costumed Entertainer"
"This is a short script for a theme park worker, costumed as a vibrant and over-the-top mascot character. There is also something not quite right about him. So read the lines very "cartoony", but also like you wouldn't want your kids near this guy.

Adding any kind of digital distortion to the voice is a plus."

"Little girl wants to play"
"This is a very short part for an upcoming horror game, consisting of several 1-2 line segments where a little girl is pleading with her father to let her play with a new toy, unaware of the dangers involved."

"Doll Whispers- Horror …


A new teaser has appeared today! Well... Not really different at all. Yet. It's the same picture from last time, but now Ennard is gone. Where did he go? We have no clue.

 There is nothing when you brighten it and nothing new in the source code.

Also, one thing to note that probably doesn't matter; the Fazbear Help email is now green instead of blue.

If anything else happens, we will keep you all updated.

Random FNAFSL News!!!

A ton of news has just been revealed at one time, in comments. Comments on Steam by Scott Cawthon.
First thing is that FNAFSL will come out on the correct release date, which is October 7th. Also in the same comment, Scott tells us he's been working on never before seen features and details to make the game even better.  "Yes it will release on the right date, and I'm glad that I've been waiting for it because each day I've been adding little details that make the game better I think. It's good to have a whole month just for final testing." -Scott Cawthon View that post here!

Second thing on the list is that there could possibly, but probably not, be a sequel to FNAFSL since it's mainly an entirely new story. Imagine that... Five Nights at Freddy's 6.  "That all depends. Like I said in another thread, Sister Location is different from the other games and is very story-driven. We'll just have to wait and see how people respond. :)" -Scot…


A Reddit user of /r/FunkoPop found the new Funko figures on a website called BookMaster by simply looking up "Funko". We now know that there will be articulated nightmare characters, and a random Mangle.

Nightmare Bonnie, Freddy, Chica, and Foxy are the only nightmare figures we have heard from so far.

Click here to see the picture of the new articulated figures list


There was an update to, the site Scott Cawthon uses to find voice actors for FNAFSL. The new update makes it so you can see who each person voice acts!

Look at all the voice actors here!

The characters are as followed, alongside their voice actor:
Costumed Entertainer - AKA a person who entertains inside a costume. (Kellen Goff)
Board Member - (John Matthew, Tim True,
Little Girl - (Zehra Jane Naqvi)
Baby, final encounter - The last time we see Baby, possibly last night? (Heather Masters)
Villain - Who could it be? (PJ Heywood)
HandUnit - Maybe the Bonnie puppet? (Andy Field)
Radio Soap Character - (PJ Heywood, Christopher McCullough)

There are many other voice acting roles that didn't seem as important, so go check them out yourself!

As always, all the reviews are five stars. Many of them compliment Scott being the "best client so far" and having same-day payment.


Hello everyone! At 11:38 AM today, Scott Cawthon announced that a Five Nights at Freddy's haunted house is in the works, and has been for months. It will be hosted at "FRIGHT DOME" sometime this year, hopefully in time for Halloween. Scott tells us that FNAF fans will not be disappointed.

This is will in Las Vegas by the way. :)

"I've been trying to keep this quiet for a while now, but if any of you will be in the Vegas area this Halloween, be sure to check out the Five Nights at Freddy's haunted house at FRIGHT DOME this year! 

I stopped by to check on construction last month and it was looking great. It's a huge area and they have a lot of insane things planned. Fans of the game will NOT be disappointed!" -Scott Cawthon

Scott also gives us a link to the official FNAF Fright Dome page, which can be found by clicking here! Apparently, characters will include Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. Others have not been confirmed as of now.

Click here to go to…

No second trailer!?

Scott has recently made a Steam post regarding the "Trailer 2" for FNAFSL. In this, he states that there will not be a second trailer, like his earlier plans.

Here are Scott's exact words:
"I just wanted to make a short announcement that despite my earlier plans to do so, I will not be creating a second trailer for Sister Location. I feel that if I show any more of the game than I already have, then it will spoil a lot of the surprises in the game. 

I know some of you will be upset by this, but my decision is that the rest of this game needs to be kept quiet until October 7th. For that reason, no Trailer 2." -Scott Cawthon

So, this basically means we aren't getting that much backstory or plot yet, until October 7th (The release date).

Click here to see Scott's post!


Just MINUTES AGO Scott released a brand new teaser on featuring Ennard with a little party hat on! No eyes are lit up, but a face part has been moved.

The teaser seems useless, until you realize there's a secret page that has been found on ScottGames somehow! [The page is located here.]All that's there is an image titled "4g7n0c28jk12.jpg". The image shows what seems to be a map of the new location, featuring the: Circus Gallery, Circus Control, Control Module, Ballora Gallery, Breaker Room, Funtime Auditorium, Parts & Service, and the Elevator. So, this must be a map of one floor.

If you brighten up the map, two more secret rooms appear above and below the Funtime Auditorium.

BREAKING: PART TWO?! As this article was being written, the teaser CHANGED!? It's now a little bit brighter and has a date, presumably the release date of FNAFSL, 10-7-16. That's October 7th, 2016.

Also in the news: The official Steam page for FNAFSL has been updated …

Scott scared himself?!

Earlier today, Steam user AngusBrokenRanger asked Scott Cawthon, "Do the jumpscares in your game get you?".

Scott then replied saying:
"I actually had the worst jumpscare from any of my games happen to me a few days ago while I was testing. Funtime Foxy scared the #$!@% out of me. Worst scare ever from one of my games." This basically confirms Funtime Foxy is going to have a SUPER SCARY jumpscare.

FNAFSL: Cancelled Due To Leaks?!

Calm down.

FNAFSL Isn't actually cancelled. On, an image has appeared saying "Cancelled Due To Leaks". When brightened, it actually reveals parts of the story of FNAFSL. Scott's clever word play put the community in panic.

When you brighten it, it reads this:
"In other news: The grand opening of Circus Baby’s Pizza World has apparently been cancelled due to reported gas leaks in the building. Sources close to the establishment question the reports, saying that strange activity around the area at night suggest something else is to blame.

One local is quoted as saying, “Everything just stopped. There was so much excitement built around this place opening and then they just stopped talking about it. There was only a handful of people that ever got a look at the inside. Kids from here and there, making sure everything worked right, you know. I guess they weren’t quite as ready as they thought they were!”

A tenant from across the street claims to have …

FNAFSL Voice Actor Reviews + Preview!?

Scott Cawthon's page has been discovered by Reddit user /u/ and there is tons of reviews for the people who voice acted for FNAFSL. All of them being 5 stars and very positive reviews, saying that Scott is one of the best clients they've ever worked for, with an same-day payment. One person by the name of Zehra Jane Naqvi mentioned a "creepy baby doll" coming to life. This is presumably Bidybab.

Find the reviews here!

Also, even MORE news having to do with these voice actors: Reddit user /u/Sonicyay2 found a recording of one of them. Click here for the recording. This could be for Ballora or Minirena(s). It's a little song!

Also, you can listen to the recording here:

We will update you on this same post if anything else happens!


Today is Five Nights at Freddy's official 2nd birthday. For this, Scott Cawthon, creator of the FNAF series, has been putting images up on Scott Games all throughout today. All these images show new renders of the original characters and screenshots from when he was modelling them.

Freddy's head on a bare endoskeleton body.

Bonnie ripping off his head, revealing an endoskeleton.

Chica and her winking cupcake. This confirms the cupcake has facial movements and such.

Foxy giving you a thumbs up!

Bonnie in the office.

Chica in the office.

Purple Guy inside the Springtrap suit.

Check out what image is on Scott Games by clicking here!
(Also all the images are named Aniversary.jpg)


The anniversary of the first game, and the entire series, is August 8th (tomorrow or today depending on what time zone.). So I'd just like to say happy birthday. I've been here ever since the beginning. Well, when the FNAF2 teasers were starting to come out to be exact.

Everyone, it's already been 2 years... Seriously. Go back and watch some let's plays from back then. The nostalgia is extreme.

Happy anniversary, Five Nights at Freddy's.

Scott clears up some fake rumors

Look at the original post by Scott Cawthon here!

Scott Cawthon recently posted on the FNAF:SL Steam discussion page, clearing up some fake stuff and rumors.

1. Scott has not confirmed any release dates other than October. All the release dates saying the 28th or the 30th are not true.

2. Scott says this Twitter account is fake. (Which is obvious.)

Scott says he will add more things later. (We will add them to this post as well)


FNAFSL now has an official Steam page. While confirming the release month to be October of 2016, it has gave us some more images and information about the game. Also, Baby is called "Circus Baby" and the protagonist we will play as is a late-night technician.

Check out the Steam page!

Click on any of these images to fullscreen it.

This first image is entirely new. The most notable thing here is the mask above the door. But, in the bottom right corner, there's the thing in the latest Scott Games teaser. And in the bottom left corner, weird doll things.

We've already seen this in the trailer, so no need explaining.

Here is an image of Funtime Freddy looking to his left.

Image of the inside of the vents... Yep.

The office. It's looking a bit different than what we saw in the teasers. There's blue, green, pink, and orange lights and a new button in the bottom left corner.

And finally, the game's header.

SCOTTGAMES BACK UP!!! and are back up! We're good!


Scott Cawthon's 2 websites, and, are both currently down and you cannot get to them. This may mean something is happening, or they could've been accidently shut down.

We will update you on the situation!

BREAKING NEWS! THIS IS IMPORTANT NOW! Scott Cawthon's Yahoo email have been suspended! ( If you try to send an email, you get a message back saying the account has been banned. This may just be a coincidence to happen when his sites were taken down, or he could've been hacked. That is not confirmed, it's just a theory. A game theory.

Happy Birthday FNAF4!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Five Nights at Freddy's 4.

Get back on your stage. NOW.

Get back on your stage.

A new FNAFSL teaser has been added to Scott Games. It shows a control pad with two buttons. A blue button with a (presumed) sun on it, and an orange button with a lightning bolt on it.

Now, there isn't really anything special you can see here. But the real fun happens when you brighten the image up! It appears as if there are 4 tiny ballerinas. People have come to the conclusion that these are Minirena. Kind of how the Bidybabs were, there are multiple. Also, the name makes sense as they are mini ballerinas. Mini Ballerina. Minirena. It just makes sense.

Check it out on yourself!

Click here for a direct link to the live project.jpg image!

New "The Silver Eyes" book cover!

The Silver Eyes has just gotten a new book cover for the Scholastic print of the novel.
Here it is: 

New FNAF ToyWiz Items

Today, some new FNAF merchandise items have been added to ToyWiz for pre-order AND instant order. I've listed off some of the things I found, here.

Things you can order now:
Freddy "Frightlight" Flashlight
Freddy Fazbear Backpack
Stitched FNAF Character Hat
Fazbear's Pizzeria Security Badge Wallet

Things you can pre-order:
Freddy Fazbear Head Cooler Lunchbox
Freddy Fazbear Head Pillow
"Help Wanted" Ad Fleece
FNAF Gang's Heads String Lights
Freddy & Bonnie Earbuds
Chica & Foxy Earbuds
FNAF Funko Pop Pins Blind Box 34-Pack

If you get any of these, send a picture via my Twitter: @FNAF_Fanpage_


There is a FNAF Steam sale starting today and every FNAF game is INSANELY cheap! (66% off)

FNAF1 is only $1.69
And all the other games are $2.71
EVEN BETTER NEWS: The FNAF1-4 bundle is ONLY $8.49. That means you can get every single game at once for that price.

Find the links to the Steam pages to buy the games here.


Scott has been hacked, but it's worse. The well-known hacker group OurMine has hacked ALL of GameJolt. Just letting you guys know.


Calm down, let me explain.

So. With good news comes bad news. Good news: The new teaser. Bad news: Well... we don't really know what happened.
People assume he was hacked, but we don't know. Scott Cawthon's GameJolt page AND FNAF World has been deleted. It may have not been hacked, but it's gone. WAIT. I have just been informed that if you go to a certain link of his page, it says "FNAF IS DEAD". He has officially been hijacked and banned. Click this link please:
Click here to see his GameJolt page... Or the "Not Found" page at least.
With that, FNAF World was also deleted. So... Nobody can download it. Of course, if you still have it, you can play it. 
Click here to see the erased FNAF World page!
We will keep you updated.


Finally, some news to post!

A brand new teaser has been released on Scott Games! It features not 2, not 3, not 4, n-ok there's 7 new animatronics. Although, they are clones of each other. Seven little "doll" looking characters. They are small, so they could be multiple Minirenas. They look like a Funtime Balloon Boys and they seem to come in groups. We really have no clue what these are and what they can do, so we shall wait for more.

Also, below the 7 terrifying BBs, is the text "Don't hold it against us." This means that these guys were the ones talking in the trailer.
Check it out yourself!

Someone has brightened the image! In the picture, you can see (probably) Baby looking through the curtain. Spooky.

SDCC Exclusive Golden Freddy Funko Pop

Funko has released a Golden Freddy Funko Vinyl Pop exclusive to San Diego's Comic-Con. There has been many pictures of this posted on Reddit.


Scott has announced the signing of 3 new books with Scholastic, "one of the biggest publishers on the planet!" -Scott This means that there will be 3 more novels in the future. One will be released this October, one in 2017, and one in 2018. Scott also explains that this will not be a children's book, but a young adult series. 
“I can’t think of a better marketing and publishing partner for Five Night’s at Freddy’s than Scholastic." -Scott
You can check out Scott's Steam post here.

Source Code Changed!

The latest teaser's source code has changed on Scott Games. It now reads as followed;

"Client_Dir001:ChcasPrtyWrld/BirthdayAccessories/Novelties"><meta name="Client_Dir002:PrivateBDayBooking[5OL]/Chldrn_ENT/BdayProps/Novelties" content="Client_Dir003:CRMN_Inst/Project"><meta name="SRVC_LOG:MAINTN_C/O_AftnROBTCS."
First, you can see that all these words at abbreviated. So, there's Chica's Party World, Private Birthday Bookings, Afton Robotics, and other things. To most of us, this looks like file locations on a computer.
So, analysis type thingy: Chica's Party World. Possibly an area to have birthday parties in. Also confirms Chica in FNAFSL. BIG ONE: AFTON ROBOTICS!!!! William Afton, from The Silver Eyes? He built robots! Is he the maker of this FNAFSL place!? DOES THE SILVER EYES TAKE PLACE IN FNAFSL!??!?!?!?!?!?
Birthday Party Bookings also debunks the "Adult Theory", which I would rather not want to get into…


This shows a new animatronic, possibly Minirena or Ennard, in the dark. The image also shows the text "There's a little of me in every body."
When brightened, you can see that part of this animatronic's face is moved outward, and see a clear image of the room it is in. See the brightened version here.

Check it out yourself!(Direct image link)

Attention: Please do not share Scott's son's accounts, ect.

Many users on Reddit have found Scott's son's social media accounts such as Skype, Twitter, ect. Please, do not bother finding them. Just imagine random strangers on the internet asking tons of questions to your children. If you do know one of their accounts, please do not share it. Respect Scott Cawthon's privacy. The children have nothing to do with Five Nights at Freddy's and won't share the lore.


As you can tell by the title, the first Sister Location trailer has been released! This shows many creepy things... Such as faces coming apart... Extreme articulation... Um. And the release date season! Sister Location is expected to drop this Fall. Go watch it yourself, as we are not doing a full explanation on it.
Here is the link to the trailer

"Teaser 10"

Reddit user /r/Azaarus found something interesting while opening the latest FNAFSL teaser in Notepad. It is the words "t e a s e r _ 1 0". There have been many speculations about this so far, and here are some of them:

Scott is using the "10 teasers" plan he had for FNAF3Teaser 10 will show something HUGE (We are currently on teaser 8)It is a countdown to the game's releaseThis is the 10th teaser he made so far Those were all just theories that /r/fivenightsatfreddys has come up with. unban me pls