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Hot Topic FNAF Plush Line!

There are some new plushies coming to town! Hot Topic recently posted this on their Instagram page.

The description is "FNAF plush coming soon... - #HTNerdette @originalfunko #FNAF" -hottopic

This means that Hot Topic will sell the Funko plushies! But wait, that's not it! There has been a new plushie introduced in this photo. While having the usually Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy, there is also a Shadow Freddy plush!

See for yourself!

Letter "I" revealed!

Breaking news! has been updated! Here, we see that one of the lines now have a mark that is either an uppercase i, or a lowercase L. More news coming soon!

See for yourself!

Sanshee Plush Pre-Orders!

Sanshee now has some more FNAF plushies in their store. (Check out the FNAF store here) This includes very long-awaited characters. Golden Freddy, Foxy, Chica, and one of my favorite - possessed Fredbear! 

Here is the individual links to the items in-store:
Golden Freddy
Possessed Fredbear

You can also get the plushies that were already in the store, too:

Have a great shopping day!

TLT's Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Song

The Living Tombstone has just released their new FNAF4 song after lot's of hype from the fans! The song can be found here. The song is called "I Got No Time." I don't know about you, but 5 nights seem like a while. There are currently tons of posts on the FNAF Reddit stating that the song is out. Go watch it and enjoy!

ScottGames and FNAFWorld down again?

It appears that ScottGames and are once again. Last time this happened, there were extreme changes days later - like the random lines, and the "Update 2 - Coming Soon" teaser - so we are expecting something awesome from Scott. For me, the websites are not down. But people on Reddit are complaining that it is down. Keep your eyes open!

Check Websites for yourself:

New Image!

Image has been updated with new animatronics!

"Update 2: Coming Soon!" is what this amazing teaser states! A new FNAF World update! This teaser shows us some new characters he has made, such as:
Purple Guy
Nightmare BB

So far, there isn't a Nightmare Mangle. We will wait, Scott. We will wait.

See for yourself!

Scott has just added a picture to the FNAF World IndieDB Page! It shows the new character menu for the next update. It features all the animatronics listed above, and a Scott Cawthon's avatar character!

Nightmare BB is literally the same as in FNAF4, just with different eyes. Nightmarionne hasn't really changed at all, it is simply just a picture of himself as we can see. Scott Cawthon and Coffee have black backgrounds on their character slot. Still no Nightmare Mangle. Purple Guy is, unlike the Crying Child, not 3D.

See for yourself!

New Scottgames Teaser!

All we can see so far is... lines. has random lines. There is no explanation to this at the moment. Some people say it could be timeline and he'll add each event one by one. Others theorize that it's just an update to FNAF World, which would be pretty cool

Click here to see for yourself!

ScottGames + Down and are both currently down. Not just with a black screen like usual, but this time you can't access the websites. People are theorizing Scott has something big for Valentine's or something else.

Texture/File dumps!

I've added tons of file and texture dumps from all the games to the site! To find them, go to the Reference tab and scroll down until you see "Texture/File Dumps". If you have anymore games by Scott Cawthon that you want texture dumps up, ask here.

FNAF World 2.0!

The new update to FNAF World features a new 3D overworld and a new party menu!

You can download the new FNAF World here.

Don't worry! If you already had FNAF World on Steam, it will update to the newest version. Sadly, you cannot currently get the game is you didn't have it.