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It's a plane!

Hey there FNAF crew! We are here today to discuss... PLANES! Some new features have been added to the website's image. As you can see, in the top right corner, there are three planes.

Toy Chica is riding a pink one. JayJay is riding a purple one. And Foxy is riding a blue one.

My thoughts: First, this probably means a new area of the map. If so, that mean you would be able to travel around as someone else other than Freddy. This could also just be a minigame. Second, THIS MEANS JAYJAY THE JETPLANE IS REALLLLLL!!!!

Night 4 - Five Nights at St. Jude's Charity Event


Five Nights at St. Jude's Night 3 Highlights

Another successful stream for Dawko here! This time the third one in the St. Jude's charity live stream series! Today, Ryan, Other Ryan, and Razzbowski joined him in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and Those Nights at Rachel's. Here are the best highlights!;

#1 - Completing FNAF3:
Dawko and his friends complete Five Nights at Freddy's 3 100% this day. Nightmare mode, all nights, good and bad ending, everything!

#2 - Good Luck Scott:
#GoodLuckScott was trending when Scott himself was talking in the chat. When Scott said "GL", meaning "Good Luck", they beat Night 5. (After many many many tries)

#3 - The Poopet Song:
DAGames made an appearance. And, of course, made a song about The Poopet. It currently isn't on YouTube, but I will post it as a separate post when/if it is.

#4 - $15,000:
Dawko have raised 15 thousand dollars for the St Jude's Children's Hospital charity event.

#5 - Poopet's Revenge Update
Poopet's Revenge on GameJolt recent…

Trends International's Illegal Poster

Trends International on Twitter states that their FNAF poster does not contain any fan models. Although the entire thing uses I6NIS's models.

"@sonicboom13561No fan models here. All art is officially licensed through the game maker, Scott Cawthon. #FNAF"
Welp, doesn't that show how amazing this company is! /s Also, they are not licensed through "the game maker, Scott Cawthon". ALSOOOO, they had to delete the tweet and post it again because they spelled Scott's name wrong. Woohoo.
Here's the tweet: CLICKY HERE

Five Nights at St. Jude's Night 2 Hightlights

If you don't know what Five Nights at St. Jude's is, it's a livestream series made by Dawko. Dawko is doing these livestreams to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Last night, there were some hilarious moments. Here, we will be showing them to you.

Scott Cawthon himself did join in on the fun. Supposedly, Scott donated thousands of dollars under different names. We only assume it is him. The names he used were the following:
The Poopet Golden Freddy's Giant Head Funtime Foxy Souldozer's Revenge Poopet's Revenge Then Scott got a bit creative with these names: Poopet 2: The Poopeting Poopet 3: Repooteted Poopets in Space That was the last we saw of his donations, but expect more.
#2: Fake Scott accounts always cause commotion. Although it was ruined by Dawko saying that the real Scott is a mod and will have a wrench next to his name, the fake Scotts were hilarious. I didn't get screenshots of a lot of them, but here are two: There was…

Scott News!

Okay so in this post we will be covering three things!!! In ONE post!!!!!

1: Saving the best for last means nothing to me. People should know this: has updated. Instead of another I, we now have an O on the 10th line. This currently debunks the Chipper's Revenge theory. Also, there is an N when you brighten up the image.

Check it out yourself!

2: Dawko, a FNAF theorist and fanboy, is streaming a charity event for St. Judes and currently has collected $1,376! You should probably come check it out by clicking here. St. Judes is a children's hospital by the way.

3: Third, this actually also happens to be about Dawko's livestream. Scott has actually been confirmed to be there, so if you see him... make sure he's real! Scott will most likely donate 10 thousand dollars as usual. :P

Jack Baker's FNAF Full Story

Jack Baker has finished his FNAF Full Story theory a few days ago and uploaded it to YouTube. This man cannot possibly be wrong, he is obviously a genius. I have emailed Scott about the video, hopefully he sees it. Could this be the full story?

YouTube Link

McFarlane's Chica Figure!

McFarlane has posted something called "Ch-Ch-Ch-Chica". The images and text state that they have 3D printed the Chica figure for the construction sets, which are confirmed to be coming out Summer of 2016 (this year).

Also, may I say, the cupcake is adorable.

Check it out!
Photo Album

Scott is active!

Scott has been active on IndieDB!

3 Projects in The Making!?

Scott has officially announced that he has 3 projects being worked on at the moment.

Earlier today, he released a steam post, titled "Update 2", stating:
"I'm getting LOTS of questions about Update 2, so I thought I'd make a quick post about it here.

Yes, of course Update 2 is still happening. Keep in mind that I have three projects in the works right now, Update 2 is just one of them. Lots of good things are happening, so please be patient! :)"

We already know 2 of his "projects" so far. The Update 2 to FNAF World, and the mysterious "PROJECT" on There is now a mysterious 3rd project? Unless he's talking about the movie, he could be making another book. He has teased about it in the past.

See for yourself!

Letter "N" Revealed!

Image just had another update! What a surprise!

But this time... One of the lines... The letter "N". Another line got shortened and brightened, with a letter N on the top after brightening up the image.

See for yourself!

Mr. Cupcake

Reddit user /r/Freddy_Fnaf has found something truly beautiful. Funko has labeled Chica's Cupcake as "Mr. Cupcake." The proof is in this picture. This probably isn't an official name... But it works! No more calling this cupcake "Carl", please. So yeah, have fun.

FNAF3 Anniversary

Today, March 2nd, marks Five Nights at Freddy's 3's first anniversary! I am so glad FNAF hasn't fully died out by now...