3 Projects in The Making!?

Scott has officially announced that he has 3 projects being worked on at the moment.

Earlier today, he released a steam post, titled "Update 2", stating:
"I'm getting LOTS of questions about Update 2, so I thought I'd make a quick post about it here.

Yes, of course Update 2 is still happening. Keep in mind that I have three projects in the works right now, Update 2 is just one of them. Lots of good things are happening, so please be patient! :)"

We already know 2 of his "projects" so far. The Update 2 to FNAF World, and the mysterious "PROJECT" on ScottGames.com. There is now a mysterious 3rd project? Unless he's talking about the movie, he could be making another book. He has teased about it in the past.

See for yourself!


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