Five Nights at St. Jude's Night 2 Hightlights

If you don't know what Five Nights at St. Jude's is, it's a livestream series made by Dawko. Dawko is doing these livestreams to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Last night, there were some hilarious moments. Here, we will be showing them to you.

Scott Cawthon himself did join in on the fun. Supposedly, Scott donated thousands of dollars under different names. We only assume it is him. The names he used were the following:
The Poopet
Golden Freddy's Giant Head
Funtime Foxy
Souldozer's Revenge
Poopet's Revenge
Then Scott got a bit creative with these names:
Poopet 2: The Poopeting
Poopet 3: Repooteted
Poopets in Space
That was the last we saw of his donations, but expect more.

Fake Scott accounts always cause commotion. Although it was ruined by Dawko saying that the real Scott is a mod and will have a wrench next to his name, the fake Scotts were hilarious. I didn't get screenshots of a lot of them, but here are two:
There was also a slightly inappropriate one that was deleted before I got a screenshot. It said "I touch myself". That fake Scott was sadly banned from the chat.

Poopet accounts were also popping up. Here are a few:

The Poopet's Revenge actually became a fan game during this stream, made by GameJolt user herp-derp-gamer 101. Apparently all it is is a copy of FNAF2, but you can only move left and right and nothing else. Also there is a spinny puppet in the hallway. The game can be found here.

Once the Night 3 stream is over, I will make a highlights post. Watch the stream!


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