Five Nights at St. Jude's Night 3 Highlights

Another successful stream for Dawko here! This time the third one in the St. Jude's charity live stream series! Today, Ryan, Other Ryan, and Razzbowski joined him in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and Those Nights at Rachel's. Here are the best highlights!;

#1 - Completing FNAF3:
Dawko and his friends complete Five Nights at Freddy's 3 100% this day. Nightmare mode, all nights, good and bad ending, everything!

#2 - Good Luck Scott:
#GoodLuckScott was trending when Scott himself was talking in the chat. When Scott said "GL", meaning "Good Luck", they beat Night 5. (After many many many tries)

#3 - The Poopet Song:
DAGames made an appearance. And, of course, made a song about The Poopet. It currently isn't on YouTube, but I will post it as a separate post when/if it is.

#4 - $15,000:
Dawko have raised 15 thousand dollars for the St Jude's Children's Hospital charity event.

#5 - Poopet's Revenge Update
Poopet's Revenge on GameJolt recently had an update, but no one on the stream has played it yet. GET IT HERE!

#6 - Poopet In Space:
Herp-derp-gamer_101 has made another game, which no one on the stream has played yet. It is now POOPET IN SPACE! GET IT HERE!

#7 - St. Jude's Song
Dawko, Razzbowski, Ryan, and Other Ryan all randomly singing a random song about FNAF3. It was hilarious, I will try to record it later.


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