Scott News!

Okay so in this post we will be covering three things!!! In ONE post!!!!!

1: Saving the best for last means nothing to me. People should know this: has updated. Instead of another I, we now have an O on the 10th line. This currently debunks the Chipper's Revenge theory. Also, there is an N when you brighten up the image.

Check it out yourself!

2: Dawko, a FNAF theorist and fanboy, is streaming a charity event for St. Judes and currently has collected $1,376! You should probably come check it out by clicking here. St. Judes is a children's hospital by the way.

3: Third, this actually also happens to be about Dawko's livestream. Scott has actually been confirmed to be there, so if you see him... make sure he's real! Scott will most likely donate 10 thousand dollars as usual. :P


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