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Hello FNAF nation! My name's Killer Keemstar, Let's get roiiiiight, into the news!

FNAF Merchandise is now on the ToysRUs website. That can be found here.
Speaking of ToysRUs, on the articulated Freddy figure page, it says that the package comes with a flashlight, instead of a microphone. This is completely understandable mistake, as it really does look like a flashlight. [CHECK IT OUT!]

Rumors have been announced, stating that Five Nights at Freddy's had added new licenses. This page states that we should be expecting many new kinds of FNAF merchandise! This includes;
    Animatronic figures, costumes, masks, pumpkin decorating kits, and Halloween decorations (Rubie’s Costume Company)
    Large foam figures, figurines, cord accessories, gift sets, seasonal lighting, 3D wall art, RPG games, lunch boxes, blankets, and pillow cases (NECA)
    Posters, calendars, bookmarks, pens/pencils, decals + stickers, temporary tattoos, gift boxes, and wrapping paper (Trends International)
    Belts, belt buckles, key chains, and seat belt fasteners (Buckle-Down)
This quote confirms that there will be three books, including The Silver Eyes: “The early retail heat on this property is reminiscent of what we experienced with ‘Angry Birds’ at launch and what we have witnessed with ‘Minecraft,’” says Marc Mostman, partner, Striker Entertainment. “With its large fan base, billions of YouTube views, a feature film in development and the first of three books recently launched, ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ is one of those rare properties with the benefit of being driven by multiple media executions and deeply active fan engagement.”

People everywhere on Reddit have been posting about their trips to GameStop, and their horde of FNAF plushies and other merchandise they got there. So if you happen to live near a GameStop, go and buy some adorable little plushies, including a Shadow Freddy!!! Also, many other Funko items are on GameStop's website, ready to buy! [CHECK THEM OUT!]

In other Funko news, this article shows the entire set of FNAF pen toppers and a few FNAF cups.

That's all the news we have for you today! Check back daily to see if anything new has happened!!!!


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