Scott's Postin'!

Scott has been posting on Steam recently. Here are some of his posts:

Check out all of Scott's Steam post history!!!

Scott doesn't recall posting any winky faces ;)

FNAF World for mobile is confirmed! (I will make a separate post for this once enough information is revealed.)

Scott has accepted the people decompiling his games, and even left secrets for them.

Scott reveals how he works so fast!

Shadow Bonnie is Toy Bonnie confirmed!

Not a good idea to travel and meet fans.

No more early release dates!? (Yeah right)

A new animatronic scares Scott a lot

Scott will not release models of characters!

Scott responds to a fake FNAF prank call video

Lot's of new materials about the development of the new game will be in it's Extras menu.

Scott did not base FNAF World on "OFF"


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