Beat FNAF World to "unlock" Update 2!?!?

Breaking news! Scott has just posted a comment on Steam! Surprise, right?

Steam user Parsonsda asks this question: 
"Is beating the "Hard mode" a requirement for FNAF World Update 2?"

Scott replies with:
"I thought a lot about this: how to "unlock" update 2. I finally decided that simply beating the game is all you will need to do, on either normal mode or hard mode. And yes, saved games that have already beaten the game still count." -Scott Cawthon

THEN FugITold replies with:
"I've been grinding my characters for months now. Give me all you got, Scott! I'm ready for Friday!"

THEN Scott tells FugITold:
"We will see. ;)"

Phew. That was a ride.

Check out the discussion here!


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