Source Code Changed!

The latest teaser's source code has changed on Scott Games. It now reads as followed;

"Client_Dir001:ChcasPrtyWrld/BirthdayAccessories/Novelties"><meta name="Client_Dir002:PrivateBDayBooking[5OL]/Chldrn_ENT/BdayProps/Novelties" content="Client_Dir003:CRMN_Inst/Project"><meta name="SRVC_LOG:MAINTN_C/O_AftnROBTCS."

First, you can see that all these words at abbreviated. So, there's Chica's Party World, Private Birthday Bookings, Afton Robotics, and other things. To most of us, this looks like file locations on a computer.

So, analysis type thingy:
Chica's Party World. Possibly an area to have birthday parties in. Also confirms Chica in FNAFSL.
BIG ONE: AFTON ROBOTICS!!!! William Afton, from The Silver Eyes? He built robots! Is he the maker of this FNAFSL place!? DOES THE SILVER EYES TAKE PLACE IN FNAFSL!??!?!?!?!?!?

Birthday Party Bookings also debunks the "Adult Theory", which I would rather not want to get into.


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