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SCOTTGAMES BACK UP!!! and are back up! We're good!


Scott Cawthon's 2 websites, and, are both currently down and you cannot get to them. This may mean something is happening, or they could've been accidently shut down.

We will update you on the situation!

BREAKING NEWS! THIS IS IMPORTANT NOW! Scott Cawthon's Yahoo email have been suspended! ( If you try to send an email, you get a message back saying the account has been banned. This may just be a coincidence to happen when his sites were taken down, or he could've been hacked. That is not confirmed, it's just a theory. A game theory.

Happy Birthday FNAF4!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Five Nights at Freddy's 4.

Get back on your stage. NOW.

Get back on your stage.

A new FNAFSL teaser has been added to Scott Games. It shows a control pad with two buttons. A blue button with a (presumed) sun on it, and an orange button with a lightning bolt on it.

Now, there isn't really anything special you can see here. But the real fun happens when you brighten the image up! It appears as if there are 4 tiny ballerinas. People have come to the conclusion that these are Minirena. Kind of how the Bidybabs were, there are multiple. Also, the name makes sense as they are mini ballerinas. Mini Ballerina. Minirena. It just makes sense.

Check it out on yourself!

Click here for a direct link to the live project.jpg image!

New "The Silver Eyes" book cover!

The Silver Eyes has just gotten a new book cover for the Scholastic print of the novel.
Here it is: 

New FNAF ToyWiz Items

Today, some new FNAF merchandise items have been added to ToyWiz for pre-order AND instant order. I've listed off some of the things I found, here.

Things you can order now:
Freddy "Frightlight" Flashlight
Freddy Fazbear Backpack
Stitched FNAF Character Hat
Fazbear's Pizzeria Security Badge Wallet

Things you can pre-order:
Freddy Fazbear Head Cooler Lunchbox
Freddy Fazbear Head Pillow
"Help Wanted" Ad Fleece
FNAF Gang's Heads String Lights
Freddy & Bonnie Earbuds
Chica & Foxy Earbuds
FNAF Funko Pop Pins Blind Box 34-Pack

If you get any of these, send a picture via my Twitter: @FNAF_Fanpage_


There is a FNAF Steam sale starting today and every FNAF game is INSANELY cheap! (66% off)

FNAF1 is only $1.69
And all the other games are $2.71
EVEN BETTER NEWS: The FNAF1-4 bundle is ONLY $8.49. That means you can get every single game at once for that price.

Find the links to the Steam pages to buy the games here.


Scott has been hacked, but it's worse. The well-known hacker group OurMine has hacked ALL of GameJolt. Just letting you guys know.


Calm down, let me explain.

So. With good news comes bad news. Good news: The new teaser. Bad news: Well... we don't really know what happened.
People assume he was hacked, but we don't know. Scott Cawthon's GameJolt page AND FNAF World has been deleted. It may have not been hacked, but it's gone. WAIT. I have just been informed that if you go to a certain link of his page, it says "FNAF IS DEAD". He has officially been hijacked and banned. Click this link please:
Click here to see his GameJolt page... Or the "Not Found" page at least.
With that, FNAF World was also deleted. So... Nobody can download it. Of course, if you still have it, you can play it. 
Click here to see the erased FNAF World page!
We will keep you updated.


Finally, some news to post!

A brand new teaser has been released on Scott Games! It features not 2, not 3, not 4, n-ok there's 7 new animatronics. Although, they are clones of each other. Seven little "doll" looking characters. They are small, so they could be multiple Minirenas. They look like a Funtime Balloon Boys and they seem to come in groups. We really have no clue what these are and what they can do, so we shall wait for more.

Also, below the 7 terrifying BBs, is the text "Don't hold it against us." This means that these guys were the ones talking in the trailer.
Check it out yourself!

Someone has brightened the image! In the picture, you can see (probably) Baby looking through the curtain. Spooky.