Get back on your stage. NOW.

Get back on your stage.

A new FNAFSL teaser has been added to Scott Games. It shows a control pad with two buttons. A blue button with a (presumed) sun on it, and an orange button with a lightning bolt on it.

Now, there isn't really anything special you can see here. But the real fun happens when you brighten the image up! It appears as if there are 4 tiny ballerinas. People have come to the conclusion that these are Minirena. Kind of how the Bidybabs were, there are multiple. Also, the name makes sense as they are mini ballerinas. Mini Ballerina. Minirena. It just makes sense.

Check it out on yourself!

Click here for a direct link to the live project.jpg image!


  1. Tell Scott good job on the depth of all the fnaf games and that he has my support! :)


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