New FNAF ToyWiz Items

Today, some new FNAF merchandise items have been added to ToyWiz for pre-order AND instant order. I've listed off some of the things I found, here.

Things you can order now:
Freddy "Frightlight" Flashlight
Freddy Fazbear Backpack
Stitched FNAF Character Hat
Fazbear's Pizzeria Security Badge Wallet

Things you can pre-order:
Freddy Fazbear Head Cooler Lunchbox
Freddy Fazbear Head Pillow
"Help Wanted" Ad Fleece
FNAF Gang's Heads String Lights
Freddy & Bonnie Earbuds
Chica & Foxy Earbuds
FNAF Funko Pop Pins Blind Box 34-Pack

If you get any of these, send a picture via my Twitter: @FNAF_Fanpage_


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