FNAFSL now has an official Steam page. While confirming the release month to be October of 2016, it has gave us some more images and information about the game. Also, Baby is called "Circus Baby" and the protagonist we will play as is a late-night technician.

Check out the Steam page!

Click on any of these images to fullscreen it.

This first image is entirely new. The most notable thing here is the mask above the door. But, in the bottom right corner, there's the thing in the latest Scott Games teaser. And in the bottom left corner, weird doll things.

We've already seen this in the trailer, so no need explaining.

Here is an image of Funtime Freddy looking to his left.

Image of the inside of the vents... Yep.

The office. It's looking a bit different than what we saw in the teasers. There's blue, green, pink, and orange lights and a new button in the bottom left corner.

And finally, the game's header.


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