FNAFSL Voice Actor Reviews + Preview!?

Scott Cawthon's voices.com page has been discovered by Reddit user /u/ and there is tons of reviews for the people who voice acted for FNAFSL. All of them being 5 stars and very positive reviews, saying that Scott is one of the best clients they've ever worked for, with an same-day payment. One person by the name of Zehra Jane Naqvi mentioned a "creepy baby doll" coming to life. This is presumably Bidybab.

Find the reviews here!

Also, even MORE news having to do with these voice actors: Reddit user /u/Sonicyay2 found a recording of one of them. Click here for the recording. This could be for Ballora or Minirena(s). It's a little song!

Also, you can listen to the recording here:

We will update you on this same post if anything else happens!


  1. WOAH! Is that actually real😱😱😱😱😱?


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