Today is Five Nights at Freddy's official 2nd birthday. For this, Scott Cawthon, creator of the FNAF series, has been putting images up on Scott Games all throughout today. All these images show new renders of the original characters and screenshots from when he was modelling them.

Freddy's head on a bare endoskeleton body.

Bonnie ripping off his head, revealing an endoskeleton.

Chica and her winking cupcake. This confirms the cupcake has facial movements and such.

Foxy giving you a thumbs up!

Bonnie in the office.

Chica in the office.

Purple Guy inside the Springtrap suit.

(Also all the images are named Aniversary.jpg)


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  2. These are already off of

  3. Replies
    1. holy crap,you like 5 night's at freddy's too?! oh and + i am an artist of 5 night's at freddy's but mostly with mangle,phantom mangle,and nightmare mangle.

  4. YAH KOOL AID XD srsly though 3rd birthday is next year

  5. anyone know what kind of program in which he creates a game?

  6. Hey scott please do the funtime animatronics next


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