Random FNAFSL News!!!

A ton of news has just been revealed at one time, in comments. Comments on Steam by Scott Cawthon.

First thing is that FNAFSL will come out on the correct release date, which is October 7th. Also in the same comment, Scott tells us he's been working on never before seen features and details to make the game even better. 
"Yes it will release on the right date, and I'm glad that I've been waiting for it because each day I've been adding little details that make the game better I think. It's good to have a whole month just for final testing." -Scott Cawthon

Second thing on the list is that there could possibly, but probably not, be a sequel to FNAFSL since it's mainly an entirely new story. Imagine that... Five Nights at Freddy's 6. 
"That all depends. Like I said in another thread, Sister Location is different from the other games and is very story-driven. We'll just have to wait and see how people respond. :)" -Scott Cawthon

And finally, the last but certainly not least thing for the news today; This game is going to be extremely different than the other 4, and will not be able to use custom nights. Apparently it's a different "experience".
"Having a custom night wouldn't really work with Sister Location. It's a very different experience than the other games, I think." -Scott Cawthon


  1. This has gotten way more excited for SL!!!
    I can't wait for 7th October.


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