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Custom Nights are now coming soon!

A new teaser has been released on Scott Games that shows Funtime Freddy's Bonnie Puppet and a Bidybab crawling through a ventilation system while smiling at the camera. There is also the text;
"Custom Night"
"(Coming Soon)"
This basically means we will be able to change how difficult certain animatronic's AIs are, kind of like in the 1st-4th game.

Also, in the bottom right corner, it says "FREE update. NOT paid DLC". That means we can get the update for free once it comes out!

Click here to check out Scott Games!
Click here to view the live project.JPG page.


Not only is Sister Location out, but there is a sale! You now save 15% on it. It was originally $7.99 but now it's $6.79.

Go buy FNAFSL by clicking here!

We will not be putting ANY spoilers to the game on this site unless it is important.


Everything Scott said the other day, how FNAFSL isn't child friendly and will be released in chapters, was all a prank. Scott Cawthon has secretly edited his Steam post from yesterday saying the game won't be delayed.

"EDIT: (As most of you have figured out, the game's not delayed, see you Friday) ;)" -Scott Cawthon

Click here to go see the post yourself!

Scott is such a troll. Good ol' Scott. The game will be released on Friday. (At the time of this post is tomorrow.)

Extra News!
Steam user _CatInTheHatBestAnime asked Scott this: "Think of the most ridiculous "spoiler" you can think of"
Scott, jokingly of course, responded with: "Sparky did the bite of 87."
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Scott said this on Pickaxegaming's Steam post: "It's an awesome tune but it's just stock music. The actual game's music is original and was composed specifically for Sister Location." This confirms that FNAFSL will have an OST (Original Soundt…


BREAKING NEWS! Well not very important, but pretty newsworthy! FNAFSL has been released! Just kidding. But a troll game has been put onto Game Jolt. It is simply a copy of "Sit 'N Survive", an older game of Scott's, but with a Freddy head on it. This brings back memories, back when the FNAF3 troll game was released. It was "There Is No Pause Button" but with a Freddy head on it aswell. 
The description for the game is as follows: "This is the MA edition of Sister Location. I personally deemed this game unfit for Steam at this time. This title is not for children. I repeat, this is not for children. Anyone who was following the progress of Sister Location and have a sincere interest in the FNaF franchise in general should wait for the official release of Sister Location in approximately two months. Thank you. -Scott"
Click here to go get the troll game!

Scott Cawthon has also confirmed in a Steam post put out today that the official FNAFSL will indee…


Two stories are going to be in this post today, just because the second story isn't too big.

First story is that Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location (FNAFSL) may be delayed. Scott made a post earlier today saying exactly what I just said, the game is being delayed (possibly, but most likely). He says he needs to make the game more "child friendly".

Here's some theories:
1. The game is actually going to be child friendly.
2. There's going to be a childish troll game.
3. He's completely lying.

This is most likely a joke due to the FNAF franchise never being child friendly.

Here's Scott Cawthon's post on Steam:
"Hey guys, I wanted to post an announcement that this game might be postponed, and I'm not really sure when it would be released. 

There are certain plot elements that are very dark, to the point where I sometimes feel sick. There would be no easy fix to this. I either release it Friday as it is, or I delay it by several months to c…


WARNING: If you do not want FNAFSL to be spoiled for you, please don't read this.

Reddit user /u/jdal2700 discovered full descriptions of many voices found on, the place where the voice actors for FNAFSL record for the game.

Read /u/jdal2700's Reddit Post Here!

Here's the list of characters he found and their descriptions:

"Costumed Entertainer"
"This is a short script for a theme park worker, costumed as a vibrant and over-the-top mascot character. There is also something not quite right about him. So read the lines very "cartoony", but also like you wouldn't want your kids near this guy.

Adding any kind of digital distortion to the voice is a plus."

"Little girl wants to play"
"This is a very short part for an upcoming horror game, consisting of several 1-2 line segments where a little girl is pleading with her father to let her play with a new toy, unaware of the dangers involved."

"Doll Whispers- Horror …