Everything Scott said the other day, how FNAFSL isn't child friendly and will be released in chapters, was all a prank. Scott Cawthon has secretly edited his Steam post from yesterday saying the game won't be delayed.

"EDIT: (As most of you have figured out, the game's not delayed, see you Friday) ;)" -Scott Cawthon

Click here to go see the post yourself!

Scott is such a troll. Good ol' Scott. The game will be released on Friday. (At the time of this post is tomorrow.)

Extra News!
Steam user _CatInTheHatBestAnime asked Scott this: "Think of the most ridiculous "spoiler" you can think of"
Scott, jokingly of course, responded with: "Sparky did the bite of 87."
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Scott said this on Pickaxegaming's Steam post: "It's an awesome tune but it's just stock music. The actual game's music is original and was composed specifically for Sister Location." This confirms that FNAFSL will have an OST (Original Soundtrack).
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At the time of this post being created, 4 people are currently playing FNAFSL. This means some YouTubers got access to the demo! :D
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