BREAKING NEWS! Well not very important, but pretty newsworthy! FNAFSL has been released! Just kidding. But a troll game has been put onto Game Jolt. It is simply a copy of "Sit 'N Survive", an older game of Scott's, but with a Freddy head on it. This brings back memories, back when the FNAF3 troll game was released. It was "There Is No Pause Button" but with a Freddy head on it aswell. 

The description for the game is as follows:
"This is the MA edition of Sister Location. I personally deemed this game unfit for Steam at this time. This title is not for children. I repeat, this is not for children. Anyone who was following the progress of Sister Location and have a sincere interest in the FNaF franchise in general should wait for the official release of Sister Location in approximately two months. Thank you. -Scott"

Scott Cawthon has also confirmed in a Steam post put out today that the official FNAFSL will indeed be delayed. For how long? We don't know yet. Since the post is so long, we will only tell you guys the important parts. You can read the full article if you'd like by yourself.

"I’m going to release the “mature” version of the game by itself, in sections, not as a part of the timeline, not as a part of the lore, and not as a part of the story, but just because I promised that I would. I promised a game, and don’t want to be one of those developers who endlessly delays their game’s release. However, I would recommend that real fans of the games, and real followers of the lore, wait a few months until I’m able to really make something that everyone can enjoy, and something that can still be scary! 
I’m going to release the game in chapters, however, not the whole game at once, since it puts strain on the servers over at GameJolt." -Scott Cawthon

If you're too lazy to read all that, basically what Scott is trying to say is:
- There will be 2 versions of the game, the original non-child-friendly game, and the child-friendly one.
- The original one will be put out onto Game Jolt in chapters, AKA different downloads.


  1. Can I get the textures for it. My email is mercahd.cool17@gmail.com


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