WARNING: If you do not want FNAFSL to be spoiled for you, please don't read this.

Reddit user /u/jdal2700 discovered full descriptions of many voices found on voices.com, the place where the voice actors for FNAFSL record for the game.

Read /u/jdal2700's Reddit Post Here!

Here's the list of characters he found and their descriptions:

"Costumed Entertainer"
"This is a short script for a theme park worker, costumed as a vibrant and over-the-top mascot character. There is also something not quite right about him. So read the lines very "cartoony", but also like you wouldn't want your kids near this guy.

Adding any kind of digital distortion to the voice is a plus."

"Little girl wants to play"
"This is a very short part for an upcoming horror game, consisting of several 1-2 line segments where a little girl is pleading with her father to let her play with a new toy, unaware of the dangers involved."

"Doll Whispers- Horror game"
"These are whispers in the dark coming from a group of dolls who are attempting to get into the hiding place where the player will be.

They should be sinister, but also playful and innocent."

"Female voice for horror game"
"This voice is for an overgrown doll. She's a killer, but also misunderstood. She spends much of the game helping the player, and it's never truly clear if she is friend or foe.
Her voice should be a balance between cold and emotionless, while also sounding affectionate toward the player (as though caring for his well-being). The player needs to be afraid of this character, while also trusting her.
The voice should sound innocent, but with a hint of sorrow, even seduction.

This is the first of several jobs for this character."

"Angsty Teen for video game"
"This is a short part where a computer helper (think Siri) temporarily takes on the persona of an angsty teen, delivering lines like an irritated yet mopey teenager, all the while keeping it relatively emotionless (since it's a computer voice and shouldn't be too over-the-top)."

"Untitled Horror Video Game"
"In this video game, a character will be following instructions presented to him by a handheld keypad and display. The character should be monotonous and instructive, similar to computer voices in today's technology, but still pleasant to listen to. This will be the only friendly voice the player will hear throughout the game, and will also present some comic relief."

"Untitled Horror Game"
"You will be voicing a female antagonist, a henchman (of sorts). This character will be a small doll-like minion with a sweet, flirty voice. She doesn't do any actual harm herself, but she observes, tattles, then leads destruction to the player's door; all the while reciting phrases as though she were a prize to be won at the carnival."

"Cute Woodland Animal"
"This is a short script for a cute and cuddly cartoon bunny for a video game. Looking for a teen female voice talent."


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