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Are You Ready For Round Two? NEW TEASER!

The second teaser, along with the release date, has been uploaded to Scott Games. It features Funtime Freddy with the text "Are you ready for Round Two?" The release date is in the top left corner of the image; December 1st.

Check out the teaser for yourself by clicking here!

Click here for the live link of "project.JPG"!

FNAF2 Anniversary

Happy birthday FNAF2!

New FNAF Funko Figures COMING SOON!

Funko has released a "Coming Soon" page for some new Five Nights at Freddy's products.

Click here to see the new products.

This page includes;
Articulated figures of Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Foxy,  Funtime Foxy, and Jack-O-Chica.
Glow in the dark Mystery Minis of the original FNAF minis.

Every articulated figure, except the GameStop exclusive Jack-O-Chica, comes with a part of Nightmarionne so you can build your own if you collect them all. NM Freddy and Bonnie come with an arm, NM Foxy and Funtime Foxy come with a leg, and NM Chica comes with the torso + head. (The torso and the head are one piece.) Also, Jack-O-Chica comes with the Jack-O-Cupcake, AKA the Halloween counterpart of the Nightmare Cupcake.