New FNAF Funko Figures COMING SOON!

Funko has released a "Coming Soon" page for some new Five Nights at Freddy's products.

Click here to see the new products.

This page includes;
Articulated figures of Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Foxy,  Funtime Foxy, and Jack-O-Chica.
Glow in the dark Mystery Minis of the original FNAF minis.

Every articulated figure, except the GameStop exclusive Jack-O-Chica, comes with a part of Nightmarionne so you can build your own if you collect them all. NM Freddy and Bonnie come with an arm, NM Foxy and Funtime Foxy come with a leg, and NM Chica comes with the torso + head. (The torso and the head are one piece.) Also, Jack-O-Chica comes with the Jack-O-Cupcake, AKA the Halloween counterpart of the Nightmare Cupcake.


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