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FNAF Movie News!

As the title suggests, there has been some new news earlier regarding the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's Movie. Scott Cawthon has posted a somewhat-large Steam post after quite awhile. That's because of all the work and struggle he is putting into the movie.

     To sum it all up, he basically just explains how last year there was some difficulties last year that resulted in delay, there won't be a trailer anytime soon, and that he's going to be involved in the movie completely. The important part of this is that the movie is at "square one," which means they are starting over the process of the entire movie.

     Scott also did not use his signature ;) winky face, so there are no secrets or anything else hidden anywhere. (That the community has found.) If anything else is found we will either create a new separate post or just update this one, depending how extraordinary it is.

Click here to see Scott Cawthon's post!

FNAF World is done - Forever.

FNAF World will not be receiving any updates any longer, including Update 3. It will also not be given a mobile port, which means you will not be able to play it on mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

Scott Cawthon recently put out a post on Game Jolt - the website where FNAF World is hosted - commenting on the game. Basically, he states that there "won’t be an update 3, and there won’t be mobile ports," but will still be available to download for PC.

View the post by clicking here!

R.I.P. FNAF World. BLACK + Mobile Edition Cancelled!

The official FNAF World website,, has been turned black (Just like This is 100% because of a post by Scott Cawthon earlier today on Steam.

Read Scott's post by Clicking Here!

Basically, he says that the mobile port for FNAF World wasn't supposed to be a big deal and that he is not depressed/suicidal in any way. As of now, FNAF World is removed from the Google Play store and was never released for iOS devices. The reason he has taken it down is because he needs to work on it and see if it's compatible with other platforms.

Nothing new is in's source code or when brightening the image, and the picture's file name is just "fnafworld.jpg". (FNAF World) It may also be important to note that there isn't any secrets in the title either, "fnaftitle.jpg". (FNAF Title)


The title says it all, the FNAF World Mobile Edition has been released on the Google Play store for Android devices. It will be frequently updated in the coming days to fix any bugs that are found.

Click Here for the Google Play page!

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A new FNAF book has been confirmed to be released on June 27th of 2017. It will be available on paperback and most likely Kindle.

The new book is called "Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones", written by Scott Cawthon and Kira Breed-Wrisley.

Earlier today, Scott Cawthon commented on a Reddit post, which was asking if the book was real or not, saying that "It's real. ;)". Click here to see the link to his comment.

You can also find the link to the Amazon page for the book by clicking here.

It is also apparently available for pre-order for  $12.99 USD (€12.32). The price will most likely be the same after it's release.

Scott Games Black + FNAF World Coming to Mobile!

Today we have TWO pieces of news for you all!

First up, less important news, Scott Games went black. By that we mean there is just a black image in place of the teaser. Nothing happens when you brighten it. The file is still called "project.JPG", so there could possibly be a teaser having to do with FNAFSL coming soon.

Now, for the important news; FNAF World will be coming to iOS and Android mobile devices soon! has been updated with a teaser that reads "Coming soon to iOS and Android!" So far, nothing else has been found in either the source code or the image itself besides the very clear and obvious text.

Both FNAF World Mobile Edition and Update 3 will most likely come out simultaneously, sometime in May of 2017

Click here to go to!
Click here for the direct link to the live image!

Console Edition In The Works?

Earlier today, Scott Cawthon released a Steam comment (on a post asking about the progress of console edition for FNAFSL) saying that he is working on finding the right company to give the license to. This post doesn't really confirm if he has made, or started to make, the console version yet.

Click here to see his post!

For now, we don't know how long this will take for the game to be released for Xbox and/or Play Station, but Scott did say he has one company in mind that "had a lot of potential".

We will update you all by posting another post on this website.

FNAFSL Available for iOS

FNAF is now available for all iOS devices, including iPad. This was released without a notice by Scott Cawthon.

Download FNAFSL on iTunes by clicking here!