FNAF Movie News!

     As the title suggests, there has been some new news earlier regarding the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's Movie. Scott Cawthon has posted a somewhat-large Steam post after quite awhile. That's because of all the work and struggle he is putting into the movie.

     To sum it all up, he basically just explains how last year there was some difficulties last year that resulted in delay, there won't be a trailer anytime soon, and that he's going to be involved in the movie completely. The important part of this is that the movie is at "square one," which means they are starting over the process of the entire movie.

     Scott also did not use his signature ;) winky face, so there are no secrets or anything else hidden anywhere. (That the community has found.) If anything else is found we will either create a new separate post or just update this one, depending how extraordinary it is.

Click here to see Scott Cawthon's post!


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