FNAFWorld.com BLACK + Mobile Edition Cancelled!

The official FNAF World website, FNAFWorld.com, has been turned black (Just like ScottGames.com). This is 100% because of a post by Scott Cawthon earlier today on Steam.

Read Scott's post by Clicking Here!

Basically, he says that the mobile port for FNAF World wasn't supposed to be a big deal and that he is not depressed/suicidal in any way. As of now, FNAF World is removed from the Google Play store and was never released for iOS devices. The reason he has taken it down is because he needs to work on it and see if it's compatible with other platforms.

Nothing new is in FNAFWorld.com's source code or when brightening the image, and the picture's file name is just "fnafworld.jpg". (FNAF World) It may also be important to note that there isn't any secrets in the title either, "fnaftitle.jpg". (FNAF Title)


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