Scott Games Black + FNAF World Coming to Mobile!

Today we have TWO pieces of news for you all!

First up, less important news, Scott Games went black. By that we mean there is just a black image in place of the teaser. Nothing happens when you brighten it. The file is still called "project.JPG", so there could possibly be a teaser having to do with FNAFSL coming soon.

Now, for the important news; FNAF World will be coming to iOS and Android mobile devices soon! has been updated with a teaser that reads "Coming soon to iOS and Android!" So far, nothing else has been found in either the source code or the image itself besides the very clear and obvious text.

Both FNAF World Mobile Edition and Update 3 will most likely come out simultaneously, sometime in May of 2017

(Click to enlarge)

Click here to go to!


  1. There is no update 3 and Fnafw world website went dark and the mobile version was taken down off of app store

  2. Now the fnaf world website is just a pair of glowing green eyes

  3. this image is called I AM STILL HERE, and i am positive that the eyes are the eyes of Baby from Fnaf Sl

    1. Ikr! I just downloaded the .jpeg and brightened and edited it everyday I knew how and still, just a pair of glowing green eyes with the title, "IAMSTILLHERE.jpeg"
      Curious, wouldn't you say?

    2. I agree with you. but it seems like it would be on the usual website. Fnaf world is not the place for stuff like that. darkness, and glowing green eyes. and why would it be on fnaf world's website? The fnaf world story is over now. it goes into sister location.

      Even though baby plays a role in fnaf world, she is the LAST thing you see in fnaf world. I think because she plays a role in fnaf world, that gives scott a reason to post it on the fnaf world website. And scott sure does like to hint at things.... so maybe its a hint that people were overlooking fnaf world for only having a tiny bit of relation to the games. maybe he is hinting that fnaf world has a bit more relation to the games than most people thought.

      Thats just a thought though.

    3. clue !!!!!

      Open FNAF SL Then Go to Extras Then Go to Ennard Picture!
      then type ereh llits ma i
      then booom i dont know just type it
      even when you watch YouTube
      Sorry Phone Users

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