A LOT of FNAF Merchandise Revealed!

    A recent post by Funko on Funko.com titled "Toy Fair NY Reveals: More Five Nights at Freddy's!", and the article is about just that. Tons of new toys and merchandise have fun revealed at the New York Toy Fair. (These are all just 3D images that display what they will look like, and not final.)

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    First up is 2-inch collectible figures. They will come in 2 different packs, with 4 characters in each. One pack will have some Funtime characters - Baby, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, and Ballora - and the second will have some Nightmare characters - Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Foxy, Nightmare Chica, and Nightmare Bonnie.

    The second group of merchandise is the 5-inch articulated figurines. These are like the old articulated figures that came with a body part of Springtrap for each character. But now, these come with a part of Ennard instead. As you could probably guess, the theme is Funtime.
- Baby comes with a microphone and Ennard's torso/head.
- Funtime Freddy comes with a microphone (again) and Ennard's right leg.
- Funtime Foxy comes with Ennard's left leg.
- Ballora comes with both of Ennard's arms.

    Up next is the second wave of the Mystery Mini's series. It includes all the Nightmares and all the Funtimes (Not including extras like Bidybab and Minirena). More specifically...
- Funtime Freddy
- Ennard
- Funtime Foxy
- Ballora
- Nightmare Freddy
- Nightmare Foxy
- Nightmare Chica
- Nightmare Bonnie
- Nightmare Cupcake
- Nightmarionnette
- Jack o' Chica
- Nightmare BB
- Nightmare Mangle
- Nightmare Fredbear
- Baby
     No, I don't know what happened to Jack o' Bonnie. :(
    Last but not least, wave 2 AND 3 of the FNAF Funko Pop! series. The 2nd wave includes the Nightmares; NM Foxy, NM Chica, NM Bonnie, and the Cupcake. The 3rd wave includes the Funtimes (Of course); Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy, and Funtime Foxy.

    That is all that has been revealed today, and we do not have any release dates.


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