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There has been two different phrases found hidden in the source code of and The words "You are crowding us." (Found by /u/xXRedbearXx) are on Scott Games, and the words "Be Quiet." (Found by /u/Buzzek) are on FNAF World.
    There isn't much to say about this, since the community has no clue as to what this is referring to. Obviously this has to do with April Fools or something like that. Maybe it'll be a joke. Or a teaser? Or a teaser hidden within a joke? We will have to wait.
    Each <meta> tag is hidden under the <head> tag in the source code, for anyone who cares about and/or knows HTML coding. (Or if you want to check it out yourself, of course.)

    That is all we know for now. If there are any updates, we will either update this post or make a new one, depending on how big the news is.

Scott Cawthon TWEETS!?

Finally, some news!...ish...

For the first time in all of history, Scott Cawthon has tweeted on Twitter. He has had an account for a while now, just to stop impersonators. But finally, he posted his first tweet. No description, just a picture.

The picture in the tweet is of a director's chair labeled "Freddy" with a screen in the background showing the logo for Blumhouse Productions, a movie production company. This is a very clear and obvious teaser for the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's Movie.

So far, no secrets have been found. (Including brightening.) If any are, we will update you guys ASAP.

Click here to go to Scott's tweet!

""     — Scott Cawthon (@real_scawthon) March 28, 2017

Florida Man Wearing Foxy Mask Robs Store!!!

The title says it all, a Foxy the Pirate mask-wearing 16 year old robbed a store armed with a shotgun in Riverview, Florida, USA. This is not exactly FNAF news... but it isn't a joke, and it is kind of funny. (Source;

    The robbery occurred at around 3:32AM on February 21st, 2017. After entering the store with a shotgun, he then demanded cash, got it, and ran away with it. The police have indeed caught him and he is now in prison. The name of the teen is not being released and he is about 5-foot-5.

    Articles describe this Foxy mask as "orange bear mask." Below are some photos of the robbery from security cameras. Click to enlarge a photo.