Florida Man Wearing Foxy Mask Robs Store!!!

    The title says it all, a Foxy the Pirate mask-wearing 16 year old robbed a store armed with a shotgun in Riverview, Florida, USA. This is not exactly FNAF news... but it isn't a joke, and it is kind of funny. (Source; Patch.com)

    The robbery occurred at around 3:32AM on February 21st, 2017. After entering the store with a shotgun, he then demanded cash, got it, and ran away with it. The police have indeed caught him and he is now in prison. The name of the teen is not being released and he is about 5-foot-5.

    Articles describe this Foxy mask as "orange bear mask." Below are some photos of the robbery from security cameras. Click to enlarge a photo.


  1. they should've watched pirate cove better

  2. WTF why would someone do that

  3. 13,5,20,8,i,n,k,FNAF,PROTEST TO MUCH
    Translate the number by usig ???? chiper if you wana know what it is


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