Scott Cawthon TWEETS!?

Finally, some news!...ish...

For the first time in all of history, Scott Cawthon has tweeted on Twitter. He has had an account for a while now, just to stop impersonators. But finally, he posted his first tweet. No description, just a picture.

The picture in the tweet is of a director's chair labeled "Freddy" with a screen in the background showing the logo for Blumhouse Productions, a movie production company. This is a very clear and obvious teaser for the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's Movie.

So far, no secrets have been found. (Including brightening.) If any are, we will update you guys ASAP.


  1. Blumhouse is a good choice. I believe they made Split, Get Out, The Purges, Insidious Etc. Correct me if im wrong


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