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Sorry I was late, I was sick all day...

    That's right, today is the day. Two days ago the "In two days..." teaser was posted.

    For $5.99 USD (€5.28 EUR), you can buy FNAF:TTO now on Kindle. It was already out in stores, but very few of them. You may also buy the paperback version on here for $6.92 USD, and the library binding for $13.90 USD.

   Credits to Scott Cawthon and Kira Breed-Wrisley for writing the book, and Scholastic for publishing it. This is the second story by Scott and Kira so far, so many were very excited.

    We won't be revealing any spoilers from the book until we have news that refers to it.

Buy FNAF:TTO On Amazon!


Following the "In two days..." teaser from yesterday, has gone completely static... I guess. All that shows is an image of, well, static, and a grayed out Scott Games logo.

    The image is named "interrupt.jpg", and no one knows why as of now.

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Click here to go to the live image link for "interrupt.jpg".


Another teaser! has been updated once again. Today, we have a new teaser showing all the 4 Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones characters, Twisted Foxy, Twisted (Unnamed) Wolf, Twisted Freddy, and Twisted Bonnie. No sign of Chica, yet.

    Text in the corner says "In two days...", probably talking about the digital release of FNAF:TTO for Kindle, which comes out two days from when this post was created. Also, in the opposite corner lies the cover off the book.

    Nothing is new in the source code, and nothing is revealed when brightening the image up. The image name is called "TheTwistedOnes.jpg", if you cared.

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Click here for FNAF:TTO's Amazon page! ^ (You can pre-order it if you're reading this before it is released) ^

EDIT: Scott Game's logo is also red...


Yet another secret code was found in the Twisted Freddy teaser on This time, the teaser updated with a new code, 556993, right above Freddy's hand. The same was done with this code as with the other two codes. That is, replacing the "_Freddy" in the file name "Twisted_Freddy.jpg" with the code, making "Twisted_556993.jpg", in the URL.

    Doing this revealed an image of the Twisted version of Foxy the Pirate. [Trypophobia Warning!]

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That's right, the third post in a day! Sorry for any spam it is causing.

    Reddit user /u/Emilmacko, creator of Five Nights at Candy's, found some secret numbers when opening the new teaser in Notepad. Those numbers were "_348002" and "_208476". (Including the underscores)

    He then had the genius idea of replacing the "_Freddy" in the url of the teaser image with each of those numbers. This revealed, not one, but two secret teasers/art. One of a Twisted Bonnie, and the other of some sort of Twisted wolf character, maybe Foxy?

Click here for the URL of the Twisted Bonnie! Click here for the URL of the Twisted wolf!
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The second teaser today has been released onto It consists of two glowing green eyes and... That's really it. Nothing is revealed when you brighten it up. It's also called "Iamstillhere.jpg".

Click here to go to! Click here to go to "Iamstillhere.jpg"'s live image link!
    There is also a new secret source code message! "I can put myself back together."
    That makes current entire conversation is this: ScottGames: You are crowding us. FNaFWorld: Be Quiet. ScottGames: You can’t tell us what to do anymore. FNaFWorld: Yes, I can. You will do everything that I tell you to do. ScottGames: We outnumber you. FNaFWorld: That doesn't matter, dummy. ScottGames: We found a way to eject you. FNaFWorld: You would be lost without me ScottGames: Ha, ha! Say goodbye to our friend! FNaFWorldI can put myself back together.
    We will update you all if anything new happens.


Following the in-stores release of Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones, (Which we didn't cover, sorry.) Scott Games was updated for once. This time it shows "Twisted Freddy" (Seen on the poster that comes with FNAF:TTO) and all of his disgusting self.

The image is of course called "Twisted_Freddy.jpg" and the new orange logo is named "title2jpg".

ALSO, there is a new source code that comes with this teaser. It says "Ha, ha! Say goodbye to our friend!".

Any updates and online book links will be here when we find any.

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Finally, some news, right?

    Hello everyone, remember this thing called Five Nights at Freddy's? Me neither. We haven't had a single piece of news for a good three months, until now.

    A new hardcover book has been added to Scott Cawthon's Amazon profile by the name "Five Nights at Freddy's: Survival Log" coming out in December 26th of this year (2017). This could possibly be a fake listing, but for now we have no proof of it being so.

    Currently we have no details on this book but we do have a Portuguese paragraph on the page. Translated, it states that there is some kind of sale (We don't care about that) and that the book is an analysis of the "hit game Five Nights at Freddy's".

    As normally, it will be published by Scholastic. Despite the Portuguese discount offer, the book is actually written in English. (It's also 789 grams if you wanted to know...)

Click here to see the book's Amazon pages