Finally, some news, right?

    Hello everyone, remember this thing called Five Nights at Freddy's? Me neither. We haven't had a single piece of news for a good three months, until now.

    A new hardcover book has been added to Scott Cawthon's Amazon profile by the name "Five Nights at Freddy's: Survival Log" coming out in December 26th of this year (2017). This could possibly be a fake listing, but for now we have no proof of it being so.

    Currently we have no details on this book but we do have a Portuguese paragraph on the page. Translated, it states that there is some kind of sale (We don't care about that) and that the book is an analysis of the "hit game Five Nights at Freddy's".

    As normally, it will be published by Scholastic. Despite the Portuguese discount offer, the book is actually written in English. (It's also 789 grams if you wanted to know...)



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