The second teaser today has been released onto It consists of two glowing green eyes and... That's really it. Nothing is revealed when you brighten it up. It's also called "Iamstillhere.jpg".

    There is also a new secret source code message! "I can put myself back together."

    That makes current entire conversation is this:
ScottGames: You are crowding us.
FNaFWorld: Be Quiet.
ScottGames: You can’t tell us what to do anymore.
FNaFWorld: Yes, I can. You will do everything that I tell you to do.
ScottGames: We outnumber you.
FNaFWorld: That doesn't matter, dummy.
ScottGames: We found a way to eject you.
FNaFWorld: You would be lost without me
ScottGames: Ha, ha! Say goodbye to our friend!
FNaFWorldI can put myself back together.

    We will update you all if anything new happens.


  1. Alright. SO. My theory from the games after Sister Location was that Baby is on her own mission (for lack of a better word) to free the souls of the other children who were the victims of the Purple Guy and/or the Pink Guy. From the conversation, Baby was rejected from the being of Ennard, after Ennard (being the rest of the animatronics together) found out about Baby's "mission". He didn't agree with this, so he discarded Baby from his structure. When Purple Guy vomited, and from what I can gather from the scene in-game, there is one animatronic whose eyes are not seen being expelled from the Purple Guy's body. BABY'S. Now Baby is left alone to continue her mission, Ennard has continued to go on with whatever his motive may be driving him to do. Maybe ending the Purple Guy, once and for all. The Purple Guy....AS SPRINGTRAP. In the Golden Freddy ending to Sister Location, Springtrap is still alive. So maybe Ennard is going after the Purple Guy inside the Springtrap suit. With the ongoing theory that there is more than one murderer, Ennard could be going after a specific culprit, whilst Baby tries to free the souls of the murdered children.
    I won't lie, that took a while to type.

    1. wow your telling me that baby is coming back like how did that happened or when did it all started this cause

  2. Anyone else get a flashback to "I will put you back together" from Fnaf 4?


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