ScottGames.com has a brand new teaser! This time around, it is an 8-bit Freddy Fazbear with rainbows behind it. Nothing appears when brightened, and there's nothing hidden in the source code.

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    Many people have linked this image back to this Sanshee shirt seen below - which was made during the FNAF3 era, long before today. Not many theories have been brought up as of now, but we will update this post if there are any good ones.

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Extra info;
    Image Name: "image01.jpg"

Rainbow is tomorrow.


  1. This version of 8-bit Freddy is clearly supposed to be the one from Take Cake To The Children but the rainbow behind it is a different story and is most likely Chica's Magic Rainbow, same colors in the same order. I don't think anything is supposed to be hidden because we have all the evidence we need about this teaser.

    This is my theory, this teaser is supposed to tease the Tycoon Game Scott talked about when he cancelled FNAF 6 which is now uncancelled, The Shansee was probably one of Scott's inspirations when he thought about making the tycoon, maybe you play as Freddy giving cake to people like in TCTTC and you get to build your restaurant up and upgrade Freddy, every so often a killer (probably Purple Guy 1 from TCTTC) would come and attempt to kill some kids (maybe 1 per day) and you have to stop that befire he does it and ruins the restaurants reputation.

    I think this theory works good, what do you think?

    1. When was Fnaf 6 uncancelled?

    2. Scott never said it was cancelled, just delayed.

  2. i tried to brighten the image, or do some editing. still nothing.
    BUT, the text (we out number you, say goodbye to our friend.......) thats still on the site .

  3. what if it means timeline split that now the FNAF timeline was straithg no timeline splits BUT now the timeline will splitt into 2 more or creates another timeline and 1st timeline was ended.


  4. Well i think scott is up to something what do you think i meen i have only the 2nd game demo but i still think he is up to something im going to check the site every day! And when ever there is a new pic i'm going to save it and britein it just to make shore.

    Plus check out foxdy XD the xd is part of her name she is AWSOME! So check her out! On youtube.com

  5. So! Am I the only one who has finished the twisted ones? Could it maybe be linking to the books in any way?

  6. Could be, but I do believe that it might be the Puppet Origin Story, or it could be Micheal Afton finding his "father" with the Puppet Origin Story as flashbacks, while going through Micheal Afton adventure as the main piece of evidence.

  7. now there is a freddy juggling three pizzas and i think the pizzas are the three souls of his friends bonnie, chica, and foxy i will have more later pplz


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