FNAF 3-Year Anniversary & Scott Games Images!

    The time has finally come! Today, August 8th, 2017, marks the 3rd anniversary for the whole Five Nights at Freddy's series. (8/8/2017)

    Last year Scott updated ScottGames.com multiple times in the same day, showing off images of the modeling process for many characters. This year, we got A TON of images. There might even be more to come! Anyways, see for yourself...

Withered Freddy

The Freddles (Mini Freddy!)
Springtrap - showing all of Purple Guy's veins and such

Funtime Freddy doing the splits

Baby taking her head off?

Exotic Butters - New bird's eye view!

"Little Joe"

"Magician Toy"

Bonnie looking at the camera
    And then we are left with a simple image of a Freddy plush. Nothing when you brighten it up, just a simple plush Freddy doll. Could this be a teaser? It doesn't have anything to do with modelling, so it very well could be.

Freddy Plush

    We also got to learn new names! The Freddles are called "Mini Freddy's", one of the FNAFSL toys are called "Little Joe", and the other toy is called "Magician Toy".

    This post will be updated if any more pictures are uploaded.


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