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It has been a while since the last teaser - but we know that Scott has been working on stuff from his ratings.

    Today we have the same teaser that was already on Scott Games, but not the same at all. This time, the 8-bit rainbow Freddy Fazbear is delivering cakes to children, just like we see in the FNAF2 minigames. (Also, Game Theory just uploaded their newest theory for the game, so that may be why Scott is giving us more information.)

    Inside of the source code, we repeatedly are asked, "What is paragraph 4?" It is currently unknown whether this is referring to the book(s) and/or any phone calls. But Reddit user /u/ThatBlobEbola-Chan has a theory.

    The file name is called "image01.jpg", so nothing special. Nothing is found when brightening up the image, either.

Click here to go to Scott Games! Click here for the live image link

Bookmark and check back later for any updates!

UPDATE: "What is paragraph 4?" is now al…


That is right, another game (or movie - or something?) is being made! We know this for a fact because this is the second new voice actor role to be added to Scott Cawthon's page.

    This time, the role is "Technician 2" played by voice actor Dave Steele. Like all the other voice actors, Mr. Steele gave Scott a 5 star rating and a good comment!

    We really don't know anything about this at the moment, but when/if there are any updates, we will make sure to make another post about it! Goodbye :)