The theorized FNAF tycoon game has been confirmed in the latest teaser. On Scott Games, 8-bit Freddy Fazbear and a pepperoni-pepper-mushroom-unknown pizza, labeled "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Simulator - coming soon!" This may be the game that is planned for the holidays. In that case, it will be out in a few weeks!

Coming Soon!

    The teaser image file is named "image01.jpg", as usual, and the title image is names "title2.jpg", also as usual.

    Also, the "End of November Update!" Steam post was updated by Scott Cawthon saying;
        "I'll get the Steam page up within the next few days for the new game, so be watching for it!"


  1. When was it realeased? I know it was released between DEC.1 and DEC.5...
    I couldn't find the exact release date, but I am hoping someone reading my comment knows the answer.. Thank you.

  2. Scott how do you download this


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